1955-56 College Basketball Season

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Originally written by Frank Woods and GRL

For the 1955-56 college basketball regular season, CBS continued to air their slate of weekly Big 10 games, with Jack Drees continuing to serve as the commentator. In addition, CBS began to air a slate of PCC games for their west coast audience, with Tom Harmon serving as the main announcer.

Regular Season


Saturday 12/3

Nebraska-Iowa, CBS, 3:00, Jack Drees

Saturday 12/10

Kansas-Wisconsin, CBS, 3:00, Jack Drees

Saturday 12/17

Washington-Illinois, CBS, 3:00, Jack Drees


Saturday 1/7

Indiana-Wisconsin, CBS, 3:00, Jack Drees

California-USC, CBS, 5:00 (west coast)

Saturday 1/14

Purdue-Michigan State, CBS, 3:00, Jack Drees

Oregon State-USC, CBS, 5:00 (west coast)

Saturday 1/21

Iowa-Michigan, CBS, 3:00, Jack Drees

Stanford-Oregon State, CBS, 5:00 (west coast), Tom Harmon

Saturday 1/28

Northwestern-Minnesota, CBS, 3:00, Jack Drees

Stanford-Oregon, CBS, 5:00 (west coast), Tom Harmon


Saturday 2/4

Indiana-Ohio State, CBS, 3:00, Jack Drees

Washington-UCLA, CBS, 5:00 (west coast)

Saturday 2/11

USC-Washington State, CBS, 5:00 (west coast)

Saturday 2/18

Illinois-Michigan State, CBS, 3:00, Jack Drees

USC-Stanford, CBS, 5:00 (west coast), Tom Harmon

Saturday 2/25

Indiana-Northwestern, CBS, 3:00, Jack Drees

UCLA-Oregon, CBS, 5:00 (west coast)


Saturday 3/3

Illinois-Iowa, CBS, 3:00, Jack Drees

UCLA-California (Venice High), CBS, 5:00 (west coast)

Saturday 3/10

Stanford-California, CBS, 5:00 (west coast)


Saturday 3/17- NIT First Round

Duquesne-Oklahoma A&M, 3, CBS. Bud Palmer, Chris Schenkel

Saturday 3/24- NIT Championship

Louisville-Dayton, 3, CBS. Bud Palmer, Chris Schenkel

-This appears to be the first NIT to receive broad television coverage- CBS acquired the contract to air it at the same time that they renewed a contract to air Big Ten college basketball games, though without the regular-season announcer (Jack Drees was announcing the Illinois high-school basketball championships parallel to these games).

-The order of Palmer and Schenkel is taken from the contemporary press reports- any evidence as for how they split responsibilities shall be much appreciated.