1954-55 College Basketball Season

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Originally written by GRL

For the 1954-1955 college basketball season, coverage switched to a new network (CBS), with Jack Drees becoming the new play-by-play announcer.

The most important change, however, came in terms of the games being covered. CBS contracted with the Big Ten (without the NCAA serving in any capacity) for their basketball coverage, with all games involving at least one Big Ten team.

Any further details or corrections shall be much appreciated.

Regular Season


Saturday 12/11:

Indiana-Notre Dame, 3:00, CBS. Jack Drees

Saturday 12/18:

Tulane-Northwestern, 3:00, CBS. Jack Drees


Saturday 1/8:

Wisconsin-Michigan State, 3:00, CBS. Jack Drees

Saturday 1/15:

Illinois-Ohio State, 3:00, CBS. Jack Drees

Saturday 1/22:

Iowa-Northwestern, 3:00, CBS. Jack Drees

Saturday 1/29:

Northwestern-Ohio State, 3:00, CBS. Jack Drees


Saturday 2/5:

Purdue-Iowa, 3:00, CBS. Jack Drees

Saturday 2/12:

Illinois-Minnesota, 3:00, CBS. Jack Drees

Saturday 2/19:

Minnesota-Michigan, 3:00, CBS. Jack Drees

Saturday 2/26:

Michigan-Iowa, 3:00, CBS. Jack Drees


Saturday 3/5:

Michigan State-Michigan, 3:00, CBS. Jack Drees


Saturday 3/12- NIT First Round

St. Louis-Connecticut, 9:30, syndicated. Bud Palmer

Monday 3/14- NIT Quarterfinals

Cincinnati-Niagara, 9:30, syndicated. Bud Palmer

Tuesday 3/15- NIT Quarterfinals

Dayton-St. Louis, 9:30, syndicated. Bud Palmer

Thursday 3/17- NIT Semifinals

Duquesne-Cincinnati, 9:30, syndicated. Bud Palmer

Saturday 3/19- NIT Championship

Duquesne-Dayton, 9:30, syndicated. Bud Palmer

-WPIX provided these games to their Telepool system of affiliated UHF stations- WMGT in Adams [MA], WHUM in Reading, WGLV in Easton [PA], and WTVU in Scranton are all known to have carried at least some of these games.

-KDKA in Pittsburgh aired the 3/17 and 3/19 games as a late pickup from WENS, almost certainly of the Telepool feed- it also aired the 3/14 quarterfinals game between Duquesne and Louisville beginning at 7:45, presumably with Bud Palmer as announcer, though it is unknown if any other stations aired this game.