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See also 1964 AFL Season.

As originally written by Tim Brulia:

CBS, winner of the most desired sports contract in TV history, a two year deal (1964-1965) for the NFL, decided put a new wrinkle on the 1964 telecasts. Dropping the pooled video/split audio format of previous years, CBS decided to unite the audio with the video of the two teams' networks and combine both teams on-air crews for the telecast. According to a Newsweek magazine article from early in the season, the home team play by play commentator would call the first and third quarters, and the visiting team pxp man would voice the second and fourth quarters. The two color commentators would be stationed near their respective team benches and offer insight when called upon throughout the game. Whether this format changed during the course of the season is unknown to me. Play by play announcers will be listed together, followed by the color analysts.

Another innovation used in full force in 1964 was instant replay. Debuted by CBS during the 1963 Army-Navy game, CBS used instant replay and isolated replays for the first time for NFL telecasts in 1964.

CBS also won the deal to carry the NFL Championship Game starting in 1964, which had been at NBC since 1955. The Eye also would begin televising the Pro Bowl after the 1965 season as the NFL took control of the all-star tilt. For 1964, NBC would carry the game one last time as the Pro Bowl was still the property of the Los Angeles Newspaper Charities.

National Television

NFL WEEK 1, 1964:

Saturday 9/12:

Cardinals-Cowboys, 9:00, KTVI-St. Louis. Jack Drees, Bill Fischer

Sunday 9/13:

Browns-Redskins, 1:30, CBS. Jim Gibbons & Ken Coleman, Eddie Gallaher & Warren Lahr

Rams-Steelers, 1:30, CBS. Joe Tucker & Bob Kelley, Johnny Sauer & Gil Stratton

Giants-Eagles, 1:30, CBS. Jack Whitaker & Chris Schenkel, Al Pollard & Pat Summerall

Also seen on the Cardinals and Cowboys networks.

Bears-Packers, 2:00, CBS. Earl Gillespie & Jack Buck, Tony Canadeo & George Connor

Colts-Vikings, 2:30, CBS. Herb Carneal & Chuck Thompson, Clayton Tonnemaker & Billy Vessels

Lions-49ers, 4:30, CBS. Bob Fouts & Van Patrick, Gordie Soltau & Jim Morse


While the Eagles and Steelers networks still did not televise their home games, and the Colts and Redskins had some of their home games untelevised, all of these teams' TV on-air personnel participated in all the games due to the new format.

NFL WEEK 2, 1964:

Saturday 9/19:

Lions-Rams, 11:00, WJBK-Detroit. Van Patrick, Jim Morse

Sunday 9/20:

Giants-Steelers, 1:30, CBS. Chris Schenkel (booth), Pat Summerall (booth), Joe Tucker (sideline), Johnny Sauer (sideline)

Cardinals-Browns, 1:30, CBS. Ken Coleman & Jack Drees, Warren Lahr & Bill Fischer

49ers-Eagles, 1:30, CBS. Jack Whitaker & Bob Fouts, Al Pollard & Gordie Soltau

Also seen on the Rams network.

Colts-Packers, 2:00, CBS. Earl Gillespie & Chuck Thompson, Tony Canadeo & Billy Vessels

Also seen on the Lions network.

Bears-Vikings, 2:30, CBS. Herb Carneal & Jack Buck, Clayton Tonnemaker & George Connor

Redskins-Cowboys, 3:30, CBS. Frank Glieber & Jim Gibbons, Eddie Gallaher & Ray Renfro

For NY-PGH, According to the 10/2/64 Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, the Giants demanded that their crew call the full game. Tucker was relegated to the sidelines.  

NFL WEEK 3, 1964:

Friday 9/25:

Redskins-Giants, 8:30, WTOP-Washington. Bill McColgan, Joe Walton. WPIX-New York (tape delayed to 9/26). Chris Schenkel, Pat Summerall.

Sunday 9/27:

Browns-Eagles, 1:30, CBS. Jack Whitaker & Ken Coleman, Al Pollard & Warren Lahr

Also seen on the Redskins and Giants networks.

Cowboys-Steelers, 1:30, CBS. Joe Tucker & Frank Glieber, Johnny Sauer & Ray Renfro

Bears-Colts, 2:00, CBS. Chuck Thompson & Jack Buck, Billy Vessels & George Connor

Vikings-Rams, 4:30, CBS. Bob Kelley & Herb Carneal, Gil Stratton & Clayton Tonnemaker

Cardinals-49ers, 4:30, CBS. Bob Fouts & Jack Drees, Gordie Soltau & Bill Fischer

Monday 9/28:

Packers-Lions, 8:00, WBAY-Green Bay & WISN-Milwaukee. Earl Gillespie, Tony Canadeo

NFL WEEK 4, 1964:

Sunday 10/4:

Cowboys-Browns, 1:30, CBS. Ken Coleman & Frank Glieber, Warren Lahr & Ray Renfro

Giants-Lions, 1:30, CBS. Chris Schenkel, Pat Summerall (NY). Van Patrick, Jim Morse (DET).

Steelers-Eagles, 1:30, CBS. Jack Whitaker & Joe Tucker, Al Pollard & Johnny Sauer

Cardinals-Redskins, 1:30, CBS. Jim Gibbons & Jack Drees, Eddie Gallaher & Bill Fischer

Rams-Colts, 2:00, CBS. Chuck Thompson & Bob Kelley, Billy Vessels & Gil Stratton

Vikings-Packers, 2:00, CBS. Earl Gillespie & Herb Carneal, Tony Canadeo & Clayton Tonnemaker

Bears-49ers, 4:30, CBS. Bob Fouts & Jack Buck, Gordie Soltau & George Connor

Note: For whatever reason, CBS apparently did a dual audio feed for NY-DET game.

NFL WEEK 5, 1964:

Saturday 10/10:

Steelers-Browns, 8:00. WIIC-Pittsburgh: Joe Tucker, Johnny Sauer. Sports Network (Synd.): Ken Coleman, Warren Lahr

Sunday 10/11:

Eagles-Redskins, 1:30, CBS. Jim Gibbons & Jack Whitaker, Eddie Gallaher & Al Pollard

Rams-Bears, 2:00, CBS. Jack Buck & Bob Kelley, George Connor & Gil Stratton

49ers-Packers (Milwaukee), 2:00, CBS. Earl Gillespie & Bob Fouts, Tony Canadeo & Gordie Soltau

Lions-Vikings, 2:30, CBS. Herb Carneal & Van Patrick, Clayton Tonnemaker & Jim Morse

Giants-Cowboys, 3:30, CBS. Frank Glieber & Chris Schenkel, Ray Renfro & Pat Summerall

Also seen on the Steelers, Browns, Cardinals and Colts networks.

Monday 10/12:

Cardinals-Colts, 8:00, KMOX-St Louis. Jack Drees, Bill Fischer


PGH-CLE was televised by Sports Network (SNI), syndicated nationally.

STL-BAL was originally to be played in STL, but was switched to Baltimore due to the baseball Cardinals playing in the World Series.

NFL WEEK 6, 1964:

Sunday 10/18:

Lions-Bears, 2:00, CBS. Jack Buck & Van Patrick, George Connor & Jim Morse

Packers-Colts, 2:00, CBS. Chuck Thompson & Earl Gillespie, Billy Vessels & Tony Canadeo

Eagles-Giants, 2:00, CBS. Chris Schenkel & Jack Whitaker, Pat Summerall & Al Pollard

Redskins-Cardinals, 2:00, CBS. Jack Drees & Jim Gibbons, Bill Fischer & Eddie Gallaher

Browns-Cowboys, 2:30, CBS. Frank Glieber & Ken Coleman, Ray Renfro & Warren Lahr

Steelers-Vikings, 2:30, CBS. Herb Carneal & Joe Tucker, Clayton Tonnemaker & Johnny Sauer

49ers-Rams, 4:00, CBS. Bob Kelley & Bob Fouts, Gil Stratton & Gordie Soltau

NFL WEEK 7, 1964:

Sunday 10/25:

Colts-Lions, 1:30, CBS. Van Patrick & Chuck Thompson, Jim Morse & Billy Vessels

Bears-Redskins, 1:30, CBS. Jim Gibbons & Jack Buck, Eddie Gallaher & George Connor

Giants-Browns, 1:30, CBS. Ken Coleman & Chris Schenkel, Warren Lahr & Pat Summerall

Eagles-Steelers, 1:30, CBS. Joe Tucker & Jack Whitaker, Johnny Sauer & Al Pollard

Cowboys-Cardinals, 2:00, CBS. Jack Drees & Frank Glieber, Bill Fischer & Ray Renfro

Rams-Packers (Milwaukee) 2:00, CBS. Earl Gillespie & Bob Kelley, Tony Canadeo & Gil Stratton

Vikings-49ers, 4:30, CBS. Bob Fouts & Herb Carneal, Gordie Soltau & Clayton Tonnemaker

NFL WEEK 8, 1964:

Sunday 11/1:

Browns-Steelers, 1:30, CBS. Joe Tucker & Ken Coleman, Johnny Sauer & Warren Lahr

Rams-Lions, 1:30, CBS. Van Patrick & Bob Kelley, Jim Morse & Gil Stratton

Redskins-Eagles, 1:30, CBS. Jack Whitaker & Jim Gibbons, Al Pollard & Eddie Gallaher

Cowboys-Bears, 2:00, CBS. Jack Buck & Frank Glieber, George Connor & Ray Renfro

Cardinals-Giants, 2:00, CBS. Chris Schenkel & Jack Drees, Pat Summerall & Bill Fischer

49ers-Colts, 2:00, CBS. Chuck Thompson & Bob Fouts, Billy Vessels & Gordie Soltau

Packers-Vikings, 2:30, CBS. Herb Carneal & Earl Gillespie, Clayton Tonnemaker & Tony Canadeo

NFL WEEK 9, 1964:

Sunday 11/8:

Redskins-Browns, 1:30, CBS. Ken Coleman & Jim Gibbons, Warren Lahr & Eddie Gallaher

Colts-Bears, 2:00, CBS. Jack Buck & Chuck Thompson, George Connor & Billy Vessels

Cowboys-Giants, 2:00, CBS. Chris Schenkel & Frank Glieber, Pat Summerall & Ray Renfro

Lions-Packers, 2:00, CBS. Earl Gillespie & Van Patrick, Tony Canadeo & Jim Morse

Steelers-Cardinals, 2:00, CBS. Jack Drees & Joe Tucker, Bill Fischer & Johnny Sauer

49ers-Vikings, 2:30, CBS. Herb Carneal & Bob Fouts, Clayton Tonnemaker & Gordie Soltau

Eagles-Rams, 4:00, CBS. Bob Kelley & Jack Whitaker, Gil Stratton & Al Pollard

Note: PHI-LA was a national doubleheader telecast, subject to blackout.

NFL WEEK 10, 1964:

Sunday 11/15:

Lions-Browns, 1:15, CBS. Ken Coleman & Van Patrick, Warren Lahr & Jim Morse

Redskins-Steelers, 1:30, CBS. Joe Tucker & Jim Gibbons, Johnny Sauer & Eddie Gallaher

Vikings-Colts, 2:00, CBS. Chuck Thompson & Herb Carneal, Billy Vessels & Clayton Tonnemaker

Giants-Cardinals, 2:00, CBS. Jack Drees & Chris Schenkel, Bill Fischer & Pat Summerall

Eagles-Cowboys, 2:00, CBS. Frank Glieber & Jack Whitaker, Ray Renfro & Al Pollard

Bears-Rams, 4:00, CBS. Bob Kelley & Jack Buck, Gil Stratton & George Connor

Packers-49ers, 4:15, CBS. Bob Fouts & Earl Gillespie, Gordie Soltau & Tony Canadeo

Note: GB-SF was a national doubleheader game (except for CHI & LA regions), subject to blackout.


NFL WEEK 11, 1964:

Sunday 11/22:

Cowboys-Redskins, 1:30, CBS. Jim Gibbons & Frank Glieber, Eddie Gallaher & Ray Renfro

Vikings-Lions, 1:30, CBS. Van Patrick & Herb Carneal, Jim Morse & Clayton Tonnemaker

Cardinals-Eagles, 1:30, CBS. Jack Whitaker & Jack Drees, Al Pollard & Bill Fischer

Browns-Packers (Milwaukee), 2:00, CBS. Earl Gillespie & Ken Coleman, Tony Canadeo & Warren Lahr

Steelers-Giants, 2:00, CBS. Chris Schenkel & Joe Tucker, Pat Summerall & Johnny Sauer

49ers-Bears, 2:00, CBS. Jack Buck & Bob Fouts, George Connor & Gordie Soltau

Colts-Rams, 4:00, CBS. Bob Kelley & Chuck Thompson, Gil Stratton & Billy Vessels

Note: BAL-LA was a national doubleheader telecast (subject to blackout).

NFL WEEK 12, 1964:

Thursday 11/26:

Bears-Lions, Noon, CBS. Van Patrick & Jack Buck, Jim Morse & George Connor

Sunday 11/29:

Giants-Redskins, 1:30, CBS. Jim Gibbons & Chris Schenkel, Eddie Gallaher & Pat Summerall

Eagles-Browns, 1:30, CBS. Ken Coleman & Jack Whitaker, Warren Lahr & Al Pollard

Cardinals-Steelers, 1:30, CBS. Joe Tucker & Jack Drees, Johnny Sauer & Bill Fischer

Also seen on the Bears and Lions networks.

Rams-Vikings, 2:30, CBS. Herb Carneal & Bob Kelley, Clayton Tonnemaker & Gil Stratton

Packers-Cowboys, 4:00, CBS. Frank Glieber & Earl Gillespie, Ray Renfro & Tony Canadeo

Colts-49ers, 4:30, CBS. Bob Fouts & Chuck Thompson, Gordie Soltau & Billy Vessels

Note: GB-DAL was a national doubleheader telecast seen in most of the country (except BAL area and portions of the west coast), subject to blakcout.

NFL WEEK 13, 1964:

Saturday 12/5:

Packers-Bears, 2:00, CBS. Jack Buck & Earl Gillespie, George Connor & Tony Canadeo

Sunday 12/6:

Cowboys-Eagles, 1:00, CBS. Jack Whitaker & Frank Glieber, Al Pollard & Ray Renfro

Steelers-Redskins, 1:30, CBS. Jim Gibbons & Joe Tucker, Eddie Gallaher & Johnny Sauer

Browns-Cardinals, 2:00, CBS. Jack Drees & Ken Coleman, Bill Fischer & Warren Lahr

Also seen on the Bears network.

Lions-Colts, 2:00, CBS. Chuck Thompson & Van Patrick, Billy Vessels & Jim Morse

Also seen on the Packers network.

Vikings-Giants, 2:00, CBS. Chris Schenkel & Herb Carneal, Pat Summerall & Clayton Tonnemaker

Rams-49ers, 4:00, CBS. Bob Fouts & Bob Kelley, Gordie Soltau & Gil Stratton

Note: LA-SF was a national doubleheader telecast, subject to blackout.

NFL WEEK 14, 1964:

Saturday 12/12:

Browns-Giants, 2:00, CBS. Chris Schenkel & Ken Coleman, Pat Summerall & Warren Lahr

Sunday 12/13:

49ers-Lions, 1:30, CBS. Van Patrick & Bob Fouts, Jim Morse & Gordie Soltau

Vikings-Bears, 2:00, CBS. Jack Buck & Herb Carneal, George Connor & Clayton Tonnemaker

Eagles-Cardinals, 2:00, CBS. Jack Drees & Jack Whitaker, Bill Fischer & Al Pollard

Steelers-Cowboys, 2:00, CBS. Frank Glieber & Joe Tucker, Ray Renfro & Johnny Sauer

Redskins-Colts, 2:00, CBS. Chuck Thompson & Jim Gibbons, Billy Vessels & Eddie Gallaher

Also seen on the Browns and Giants networks.

Packers-Rams, 4:00, CBS. Bob Kelley & Earl Gillespie, Gil Stratton & Tony Canadeo

Post Season:

1964 NFL Championship:

Sunday 12/27: Colts-Browns, 1:30, CBS. Ken Coleman, Chuck Thompson, Frank Gifford

Playoff Bowl in Miami:

Sunday 1/3: Cardinals-Packers, 2:00, CBS. Earl Gillespie, Jack Drees, Frank Gifford

NFL Pro Bowl in Los Angeles:

Sunday 1/10: East-West, 4:00, NBC. Ken Coleman, Gordie Soltau (C)


Uncertain if CBS followed the play by play pattern for the NFL Title Game and the Playoff Bowl during the regular season (alternating quarters), or if each pxp announcer called one half.

The Pro Bowl was televised in color by NBC.

Local TV

Originally written by garretta

Now it's on to 1964 in the NFL. We'll begin with the Eastern Division.

I'm going to do what I've done with baseball in the past and do radio and TV in separate posts. For a change, let's look at TV first:

Browns: WEWS-TV will carry two preseason games. Sponsors are Superior Provisions, Rzepka Builders, Lawson's Milk, and C. Schmidt and Sons (Schmidt's Beer). The Cleveland CBS station is WJW-TV, which will carry all road games. A ten-minute pregame show called Best of the Browns will be sponsored by J,P. Stevens, Shaker Motors, and Painting and Decorating Institute. Ken Coleman and Warren Lahr will call all televised games.

(Could Painting and Decorating Institute be the original name for the Art Institute of Cleveland? That's what come up when I do a Google search.)

Cowboys: The Dallas CBS station is KRLD-TV. which will carry all exhibition and regular-season games. The exhibition games will be taped and shown the next day. Sponsors include Associated Grocers, Lion Oil Company, and Delta Steel Buildings. Frank Glieber and Don Paul will call all televised games.

(Our research has Ray Renfro as the Cowboys' analyst for the regular season. Wasn't Don Paul based in Los Angeles? I know he did Rams games for CBS at one point in the sixties.)

Giants: The New York CBS station is WCBS-TV. Chris Schenkel and Pat Summerall will call all road games for the network. In addition, WPIX-TV will telecast five exhibition games, with Chris and Pat also on the call. Alberto Culver (grooming products) and Ballantine Beer will sponsor a quarter of each game; other sponsors are Lever Brothers, Chase Manhattan Bank, and Swank Jewelry. Three of the games will be live; the other two will be videotaped and shown on a delayed basis. WPIX-TV will head a five-station network consisting of:

New York:

WTEN-TV Vail Mills-Albany

WINR-TV Binghamton

WHEN-TV Syracuse


WHNB-TV New Britiain


WDAU-TV Scranton-Wilkes Barre

Eagles: The Philadelphia CBS station is WCAU-TV. Jack Whitaker and Al Pollard are your announcers. In addition to the regular-season games, WCAU will present full taped broadcasts of three exhibition games and taped highlights of a fourth, with Jack and Al commentating. Sponsors are Ballantine Beer, General Cigar, and Alberto-Culver.

Steelers: KDKA-TV is the Pittsburgh CBS station, carrying all Steelers road games. Joe Tucker and Johnny Sauer will be on the call. Bob Prince will host the pregame show, which will be sponsored by J.P. Stevens' NFL Slacks and Brookline Savings.

The October 5 game against the Browns was telecast by WIIC-TV, with Tucker and Sauer announcing, SNI produced a separate syndicated national telecast, with Browns announcers Ken Coleman and Warren Lahr on the call.

Cardinals: The St. Louis CBS station is KMOX-TV. Jack Drees and Bill Fischer will call the games. The fifteen-minute Big Red Huddle, will be sponsored by J.P. Stevens and Roosevelt Federal Savings and Loan.

The September 12 game against the Cowboys in Dallas was televised by KTVI-TV, with Drees and Fischer announcing. The October 12 game against the Colts in Baltimore was televised locally by KMOX-TV, also with Drees and Fischer announcing.

Redskins: The Washington CBS station is WTOP-TV, which will carry all road games. Jim Gibbons and Eddie Gallaher will call the games. Before each game, there will be a fifteen-minute coach's show with head coach Bill McPeak called Pregame News Conference sponsored by J.P. Stevens. In addition, WTOP will carry three of the team's five exhibition games and the  Friday, September 25 game against the Giants in New York. The Giants game will be sponsored by General Cigar, National Brewing, Coca-Cola, Norelco, and Colgate-Palmolive.

(Our notes have Bill McColgan and Joe Walton calling the Giants game on WTOP.)

Bears: The Chicago CBS station is WBBM-TV. Jack Buck and George Connor will be the regular-season announcers. Connor will also work with Billy Wells on preseason games; WBBM will show four of them on a tape-delayed basis. Heilman Brewing will sponsor half of each game, with one quarter being sponsored by Honda Motorcycles and the other by Allstate Insurance.

The Bears will also show six home games in a pair of theaters with a combined capacity of 9,400 thanks to a agreement with National Henaeral Corporation of Los Angeles.

Vikings: The Minneapolis CBS station is WCCO-TV. Herb Carneal and Clayton Tonnemaker will once again call he games. There will also be a pregame show sponsored by T.B. Allen Associates and Bach Millwork.

49ers: The San Francisco CBS station is KPIX-TV. Bob Fouts and Gordie Soltau will call both regular-season and (for the first time since 1961) preseason games. Three of these will be televised by KTVU-TV Oakland-San Francisco, The preseason telecasts will be sponsored by Standard Oil of California and United Vintners. The pregame show will be sponsored by the Jenkel-Davidson Optical Company, and the postgame show by Bob Sykes Dodge. In the regular season, the pregame show will be hosted by Frank Dill and sponsored by California Insurance Agents and J.P. Stevens. Sponsorship for the regular-season postgame show was uncertain at press time.

Colts: The Baltimore CBS station is WMAR-TV. Chuck Thompson and Billy Vessels are your announcers. There will be two fifteen-minute pregame shows: Inside Football with Bob Williams sponsored by Coca-Cola and Football Preview with end coach Jim Mutscheller sponsored by Norelco. WMAR will also carry two exhibition games. National Beer will sponsor half of each game, with the other half sold locally.

The Colts are thought to be willing to show a game in Baltimore-area theater as an experiment, but nothing was final as of press time. So far, they've turned down no less than six theater chains that wanted to show their games. A team spokesman said that they would revisit the situation once the season starts.

Rams: The Los Angeles CBS station is KNXT-TV. Bob Kelley and Gil Stratton will call the action. The pregame show, Pro Football Preview will be hosted by Bill Keene and Don Paul and partially sponsored by J.P. Stevens. Plans for the postgame show weren't finalized at press time.

KTLA-TV will televise all five Rams preseason games. The four games played in Los Angeles will be shown in color on a one-day tape delay; the fifth game will be televised live in black and white from Portland, Oregon. Sponsors include Allstate Insurance, Seaboard Finance, Lifebuoy Soap, United Air Lines, and John Morrell and Company (meat processors). The pre- and postgame shows, which will be hosted by Fred Hessler and feature various Rams coaches, will be partially sponsored by Erik Cigars.

Lions: The Detroit CBS station is WJBK-TV. Van Patrick and Jim Morse will call the games. There will also be two pregame shows: Pro Press Box sponsored by Hughes-Hatcher-Suffrin (men's clothing) and Voice of the Fans sponsored by Tennessee Sausage Company and the Detroit Squirt Bottlers. The postgame show will be sponsored by Household Finance. WJBK-TV will also televise all five exhibitions on a one-day tape delay. The sponsors are Marathon Oil, R.G. Dun Cigars, Food Fair Supermarkets, and Faygo Beverages. The games will also be fed to WWTV-TV Cadillac and WKZO-TV Kalamazoo. Both stations will sell the games locally.

WJBK-TV will also televise the Lions' game in Los Angeles against the Rams on Saturday, September 19 at 11PM Eastern. Patrick and Morse will be on the call.

Like the Bears, the Lions have signed an agreement with National General Corporation to show some of their home games in Detroit-area theaters. According to the article, they'll show four games to three theaters with a total capacity of 7.511.

Packers: The Green Bay CBS station is WBAY-TV. Earl Gillespie and Tony Canadeo will call the action. The pregame show is sponsored by the International Harvester Dealers. There will be two weekly highlight shows called Packers Highlights: one on Saturday nights for thirty minutes, the other on Sunday for ten minutes. The Saturday night show is sponsored by P. Lorillard and Mennen, while the Sunday night show is sponsored by Fairmont Foods. The Vince Lombardi Show will be taped at WBAY on Thursday evenings, with Old Milwaukee Beer as a partial sponsor. Finally, a one-hour special entitled Packer Rookie- Lambeau to Lombardi is scheduled for September 11 and will be sponsored by Wisconsin Telephone Company.

In addition to the above programming, WBAY is also the flagship of a five-station network that will carry all five exhibition games along with various other Packers programming.  The Saturday exhibition games will be taped and shown on Sunday afternoons. Advertising for the games will be sold locally; on WBAY the games will be sponsored by the Ford Dealers Association. Wisconsin Telephone Company, Hamm's Beer. and Ferron's Clothing Chain. Here's a list of the local stations that will be airing Packers programming:

WTMJ-TV Milwaukee: The Vince Lombardi Show

WKBT-TV LaCrosse, WISN-TV Milwaukee: Exhibition games

WISC-TV Madison, WSAU-TV Wausau: Exhibition games, Lombardi

WLUC-TV Marquette, Michigan: Exhibition games, Lombardi. Sunday Packers Highlights

The Packers are rumored to be exploring a deal to show their games in theaters, but nothing is final as of press time.

Local Radio

Originally written by garretta

Browns: WERE-AM  will be the flagship of a fifty-five station network in Ohio, Indiana, Kentucky, West Virginia, Pennsylvania, New York, and Massachusetts. This is the final year of the station's five-year contract, but there's an option to renew for three more years. WERE will produce all Browns regular-season and preseason games, as well as both halves of a preseason doubleheader to be played at Municipal Stadium on September 5. Gib Shanley and Jim Graner will call the games. Sponsors include Carling Brewing, General Cigar, Midwest Volkswagen, and Household Finance.

WERE will air pregame interviews from the sidelines. which are sponsored by Weintraub Clothing , while Exide and Willard Batteries sponsor The Blanton Collier Show. The Browns head coach also has a daily show on WERE sponsored by Union Commerce Bank. Exide and Willard will also sponsor the postgame scoreboard show.

WGAR-AM will air live Browns games when WERE is committed to Indians baseball. Four exhibition games and three regular season games will be carried live by WGAR, then by WERE on a tape-delayed basis.

Cowboys: KLIF-AM will carry all nineteen scheduled Cowboys games as head of a fifteen station network. Half of each game will be sponsored by Household Finance, with General Cigar sponsoring another quarter, Hamm's Beer may also renew their sponsorship, but that was not confirmed at press time. Pre- and postgame shows, to air only on KLIF, weren't set at press time. Jay Randolph and Gary Delaune will call the action,

Eagles: WCAU-AM will be the flagship of a fourteen-station network this year, up from twelve last year. This is the first year of a five-year contract; all nineteen scheduled games will be carried. Carling Beer, Tastykake, and the Philadelphia Dodge Dealers Association will each sponsor a quarter of each game on the network. The other quarter will be sold locally; Household Finance has bought it on WCAU.

Play-by-play voice Bill Campbell will host a ten-minute pregame show sponsored by local Admiral Radio and TV Dealers; analyst Tom Brookshier will host a ten-minute Eagles Football Preview; there will also be a ten-minute postgame show. These two shows will be alternately sponsored by Howard Hill Furniture and Fidelity-Philadelphia Trust Company.

(The article says that Fred Cusick was with Bill and Tommy in the Eagles' radio booth, but it also has him calling games for the Patriots, Could we get confirmation one way or the other? The Pats played enough Friday and Saturday games that Cusick could have worked for both teams a few times, but definitely not every week.)

Cardinals: KMOX-AM will be the flagship of a forty-station radio network. Falstaff Beer will sponsor half of every game, with one quarter sponsored by Bayuk Cigars and the remaining quarter sponsored by the St. Louis Region Chrysler-Imperial Dealers. The postgame Star of the Game show will be sponsored by Goddard Motors; the pregame show, which will air only on KMOX, remains unsold at press time. Gene Kelly and Jim Butler will call the games.

Steelers: KDKA-AM takes over as the flagship of a thirty-five station network in three states. Eighteen of the nineteen scheduled games will be carried. Carling Brewing will sponsor a quarter of each game on the full network, with the remaining time to be sold locally. On KDKA, sponsors include Household Finance (which has also bought time on the network) and Misco. Tom Bender and Jack Fleming will call the action.

The fifteen-minute pre- and postgame shows will air on the network with local sponsorship, On KDKA, the pregame show will be sponsored by the Lincoln-Mercury Dealers Association, while the postgame show will be sponsored by Howard Johnson and Busy Beaver (a local home improvement chain). Another show that will air on the network with local sponsorship will be The Buddy Parker Show, a fifteen-minute Saturday night show hosted by Bob Prince in which the Steelers coach will answer listeners' questions, On KDKA, the show will be sponsored by Brookline Savings.

Redskins: WMAL-AM will be the Redskins' flagship station for the next two years. The team's radio network numbers fifty stations this year. Steve Gilmartin and Chuck Drazenovich will describe the action. National Beer will sponsor a quarter of each game on the network, with the remaining time to be sold locally. Sponsors on WMAL include the local Dodge Dealers, Washington Gas Light Company, and Tastykake.

A ten-minute pregame show with running back Bobby Mitchell will be sponsored by Pepsi-Cola, and there will also be a ten-minute pregame show and a ten-minute postgame show with Steve and Chuck. The pregame show will be sponsored by Herson's Insurance, and the postgame show will be sponsored by Household Finance. There will also be a half-hour show with Redskins coach Bill McPeak on Monday nights during the season where he answers listeners' questions. Finally, linebacker Sam Huff will broadcast a daily live fifteen-minute show from the Skins' training camp in Carlisle. Pennsylvania. No sponsors were mentioned for the latter two shows.

Giants: WNEW-AM and Ivy Broadcasting Company have signed new three-year contracts with the team, and they will broadcast all nineteen scheduled games this season, The team expects to have the largest radio network in the NFL, numbering about a hundred stations. Over ninety stations are already signed in New York, Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Massachusetts, Vermont, Maine, Connecticut, New Hampshire, Virginia, Alabama, Georgia, Mississippi, Louisiana, and Florida. There will be two feeds of each game: one for WNEW and one for the network. The WNEW feed will be sponsored by A&P, Ballantine Beer, Howard Clothes. and Liggett & Myers.

There will be two pregame shows; again, one will be for WNEW and the other for the network stations. The network's pregame show will be hosted by Don Smith and Woody Erdman, while WNEW's pregame show, called Pro Football Preview, will be hosted by Kyle Rote and sponsored by Schrafft's Restaurants and Schick Electric Shavers. Schrafft's and Schick will also sponsor WNEW's feed of the postgame show, which will be sponsored on approximately forty northern network stations by Ballantine Beer. Time is being sold locally elsewhere. Rote will be joined by fellow color commentators Joe Hasel and Al DeRogatis as co-hosts. Marty Glickman will call the play-by-play.

There are rumors that the Giants could reach an agreement to show their home games in movie theaters as part of an experiment, but nothing was set at press time, (More on that when we talk about the Western Division.)

Colts: WBAL-AM will be the flagship of a thirty-station network covering Maryland, Pennsylvania, Virginia, Delaware, West Virginia, North Carolina, and Washington, D.C. All nineteen scheduled games will be fed. National Beer will sponsor half of each game; the other half will be sold locally, WBAL will also carry a five-minute show called Monday Morning Quarterback with Colts chief scout Keith Moseleff. Pre- and postgame shows weren't set at press time. Frank Messer and Joe Croghan will call the games. (The article also lists Chuck Thompson, but that would seem to be impossible because of CBS's new TV arrangement.)

Bears: WGN-AM will be the sole station carrying three exhibition games and fourteen regular-season games. Standard Oil of Indiana, which has owned the rights for the last eighteen years, will sponsor half of each game; the other half will be sponsored by Old Style Beer. The pregame show will be sponsored by Fairfield Savings and Loan, and the postgame Scoreboard will be sponsored by Household Finance. Jack Brickhouse will call the play-by-play. No color analyst was mentioned,

Lions: WJR-AM will head a thirty-five station network; all stations are in Michigan. WJR will produce and feed all games but won't carry two exhibition games that conflict with Tigers baseball games. Marathon Oil will sponsor half of each game, with Altes Beer sponsoring one of the remaining quarters and General Cigar the other. WJR's pregame show, Lions Press Box. will again be sponsored by the Detroit Region Plymouth Dealers Advertising Association. The postgame show, Scores and Highlights, will once again be sponsored by Packer Pontiac. Bob Reynolds and Bruce Martyn will describe the action.

Vikings: WCCO-AM Minneapolis has just signed a new three-year contract. and will feed all nineteen scheduled games to a twenty-eight station network. The games are sold locally, with North Star Productions of Minneapolis o charge of maintaining the network. On WCCO, the games are sponsored by the Northwest Ford Dealers and Federal Savings and Loan. The pregame show will be sponsored by H-A Hair Arranging; the postgame show was still unsponsored at press time. Ray Christiansen and Paul Giel will call the action.

49ers: KSFO-AM is the flagship of a fourteen-station network that covers California, Nevada, and Hawaii. Sponsors are Standard Oil of California, Italian Swiss Colony Wine, Chrysler-Plymouth, and Household Finance. Play-by-play man Lon Simmons will host the postgame Press Box Review. sponsored by Armour and Company, while color commentator Russ Hodges will host the pregame Clubhouse, sponsored by the Bay Area Chrysler Dealers. Both shows will air exclusively on KSFO. (Bob Fouts is also listed as a play-by-play man in the article, but he'll be busy on television.)

Packers: WTMJ-AM Milwaukee will head a seven-station network that will broadcast all nineteen scheduled games. Thorp Finance Corporation will sponsor half of each game on the network; La Palina Cigars will sponsor one of the two remaining quarters, with Employers Mutual of Wausau taking the other. WTMJ will carry the pregame Packers Preview, sponsored by Humble Oil, and the postgame Packers Scoreboard, sponsored by John Ernst Cafe. Ted Moore will call the play-by-play, with no color commentator listed.

Rams: KMPC-AM will carry four preseason games and all fourteen regular-season games as the head of an eighteen-station network in California, Nevada, and Arizona. Sponsors are Standard Oil of California, Ernest and Julio Gallo Winery, the Sothern California Chrysler-Plymouth Dealers, and Household Finance. The pregame Warmup is sponsored on KMPC by Alpha Beta Markets and the postgame Report by Bonanza Air Lines. The rest of the network stations sell their time locally. Bill Brundige and Steve Bailey are your announcers. (Bob Kelley was also listed as a play-by-play guy, but, like Chuck and Bob Fouts, he'll be busy on television.)