1948 AAFC Season

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Compiled by Tim Brulia and John Moynahan

8/27: Yankees-Dodgers, WABD-New York: Bill Slater. WCBS-New York. Marty Glickman.

8/27: Dons-Rockets, WBKB-Chicago. Joe Wilson

9/5: Yankees-Colts, WMAR-Baltimore. Bailey Goss

9/10: Colts-Rockets, WBKB-Chicago. Joe Wilson

9/10: Dodgers-Dons, KTLA-Los Angeles.

9/16: Colts-Yankees, WABD-New York. Bill Slater

9/17: Browns-Rockets, WBKB-Chicago. Joe Wilson

9/26: Dodgers-Colts, WMAR-Baltimore. Bailey Goss

9/29: Yankees-Dons, KTLA-Los Angeles.

10/1: 49ers-Rockets, WBKB-Chicago. Joe Wilson

10/5: Browns-Colts, WMAR-Baltimore. Bailey Goss

10/8: Rockets-Dons, KTLA-Los Angeles. Bill Welch

10/10: 49ers-Colts, WMAR-Baltimore. Bailey Goss

10/15: Rockets-Dodgers, WCBS-New York. Marty Glickman

10/15: Colts-Dons, KTLA-Los Angeles.

10/17: 49ers-Yankees, WABD-New York. Bill Slater

10/24: Dodgers-Rockets, WBKB-Chicago. Joe Wilson

10/24: Bills-Dons, KTLA-Los Angeles.

10/31: Rockets-Yankees, WABD-New York. Bill Slater

10/31: Dons-Dodgers, WCBS-New York. Marty Glickman

11/7: Bills-Dodgers, WCBS-New York. Bob Edge

11/7: Dons-Yankees, WABD-New York. Bill Slater

11/14: Dodgers-Yankees, WABD-New York. Bill Slater

11/14: Rockets-Colts, WMAR-Baltimore. Bailey Goss

11/21: Browns-Yankees, WABD-New York. Bill Slater

11/21: Dons-Colts, WMAR-Baltimore. Bailey Goss

11/21: 49ers-Dodgers, WCBS-New York. Bob Edge

11/25: Bills-Rockets, WBKB-Chicago. Joe Wilson

11/25: Browns-Dons, KTLA-Los Angeles.

11/28: Colts-Dodgers, WCBS-New York. Bob Edge

11/28: Bills-Yankees, WABD-New York. Bill Slater

12/4: Yankees-Rockets, WBKB-Chicago. Joe Wilson

12/5: Bills-Colts, WMAR-Baltimore. Bailey Goss

12/5: Browns-Dodgers, WCBS-New York, WCAU-Philadelphia. Bob Edge, Bob Hall

12/5: 49ers-Dons, KTLA-Los Angeles.

Eastern Division Playoff:

12/12: Bills-Colts, WMAR-Baltimore. Bailey Goss