1962-63 NBA Season

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As originally written by Tony Miller:

The NBA did not have a national contract for two seasons in the ‘60s. SNI did a syndicated package for those two seasons, which I’ll list here for purposes of continuity. The games below are all that jtgrace1 had listed; there may well have been others.

The first such season was 1962-1963. Around the league, the Packers changed their name to the Zephyrs and moved to Chicago Coliseum on South Wabash Avenue, half a mile west of Soldier Field. In a far-longer move, the Warriors left Philadelphia for the Bay Area — despite calling themselves the San Francisco Warriors, they played at the Cow Palace in Daly City.

Since having San Francisco in the East would have been ridiculous, the Warriors played in the West and the Royals played in the East.

Data from ”The NBA on NBC 1954-55 to 1961-62” and ”The NBA on SNI 1962-63 and 1963-64”, courtesy librarybob and jtgrace1.


Wednesday 1/16:

NBA All-Star Game at Los Angeles

East-West, 11:15. Chick Hearn, Buddy Blattner


Friday 4/19:

NBA Finals, g4: Celtics-Lakers, 11:30. SNI. Bob Wolff

Sunday 4/21:

NBA Finals, g5: Lakers-Celtics, 8:00. SNI. Bob Wolff

Wednesday 4/24:

NBA Finals, g6: Celtics-Lakers, 11:30. SNI. Bob Wolff