1982 World Cup

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As originally posted by Tony Miller:

It's reasonably well-established that 1982 was the first World Cup covered (before the final) in the U.S. So I'm going to start listing the schedule for '82 and each subsequent World Cup here -- we may not know which games were televised, but at least we know where to look.

Unless otherwise noted, times are p.m. EDT and refer to kickoff.

First round

Sun 6/13, 2:00: Argentina-Belgium at Barcelona. ESPN: announcers unknown (CBC simulcast)

Mon 6/14, 11:15a: Italy-Poland at Vigo

Mon 6/14, 3:00: Brazil-Soviet Union at Seville

Tue 6/15, 11:15a: Peru-Cameroon at A Coruna

Tue 6/15, 3:00: Hungary-El Salvador at Eiche

Tue 6/15, 3:00: Scotland-New Zealand at Malaga

Wed 6/16, 11:15a: West Germany-Algeria at Gijon

Wed 6/16, 11:15a: England-France at Bilbao

Wed 6/16, 3:00: Spain-Honduras at Valencia

Thu 6/17, 11:15a: Chile-Austria at Oviedo

Thu 6/17, 11:15a: Czechoslovakia-Kuwait at Valladolid

Thu 6/17, 3:00: Yugoslavia-Northern Ireland at Zaragoza

Fri 6/18, 11:15a: Italy-Peru at Vigo

Fri 6/18, 3:00: Argentina-Hungary at Alicante

Fri 6/18, 3:00: Brazil-Scotland at Seville

Sat 6/19, 11:15a: Poland-Cameroon at A Coruna

Sat 6/19, 3:00: Belgium-El Salvador at Eiche

Sat 6/19, 3:00: Soviet Union-New Zealand at Malaga

Sun 6/20, 11:15a: West Germany-Chile at Gijon

Sun 6/20, 11:15a: England-Czechoslovakia at Bilbao

Sun 6/20, 3:00: Spain-Yugoslavia at Valencia

Mon 6/21, 11:15a: Algeria-Austria at Oviedo

Mon 6/21, 11:15a: France-Kuwait at Valladolid

Mon 6/21, 3:00: Honduras-Northern Ireland at Zaragoza

Tue 6/22, 11:15a: Poland-Peru at A Coruna

Tue 6/22, 3:00: Belgium-Hungary at Eiche

Tue 6/22, 3:00: Soviet Union-Scotland at Malaga

Wed 6/23, 11:15a: Italy-Cameroon at Vigo

Wed 6/23, 3:00: Argentina-El Salvador at Alicante

Wed 6/23, 3:00: Brazil-New Zealand at Seville

Thu 6/24, 11:15a: Algeria-Chile at Oviedo

Thu 6/24, 11:15a: France-Czechoslovakia at Valladolid

Thu 6/24, 3:00: Honduras-Yugoslavia at Zaragoza

Fri 6/25, 11:15a: West Germany-Austria at Gijon

Fri 6/25, 11:15a: England-Kuwait at Bilbao

Fri 6/25, 3:00: Spain-Northern Ireland at Valencia

Second round

Mon 6/28, 11:15a: Austria-France at Madrid

Mon 6/28, 3:00: Poland-Belgium at Barcelona

Tue 6/29, 11:15a: Italy-Argentina at Barcelona

Tue 6/29, 3:00: West Germany-England at Madrid

Thu 7/1, 11:15a: Austria-Northern Ireland at Madrid. ESPN:

Thu 7/1, 3:00: Belgium-Soviet Union at Barcelona

Fri 7/2, 11:15a: Argentina-Brazil at Barcelona. ESPN:

Fri 7/2, 3:00: West Germany-Spain at Madrid

Sun 7/4, 11:15a: Northern Ireland-France at Madrid

Sun 7/4, 3:00: Soviet Union-Poland at Barcelona

Mon 7/5, 11:15a: Italy-Brazil at Barcelona. ESPN:

Mon 7/5, 3:00: Spain-England at Madrid


Thu 7/8, 11:15a: Poland-Italy at Barcelona. ESPN:

Thu 7/8, 3:00: West Germany-France at Seville. ESPN: Bob Ley, Bob Carpenter

Third place

Sat 7/10, 2:00: Poland-France at Alicante. ESPN (tape delay at 5:00):


Sun 7/11, 2:00: Italy-West Germany at Madrid. ABC: Jim McKay, Mario Machado, Paul Gardner