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Games of the XIV Olympiad - 1948 - London: BBC Television Service

The BBC provided approximately 80 hours of television coverage. Two OB units were based in Wembley, to cover events from the Empire Stadium and the Empire Pool. The Broadcast Centre was based in the Palace of the Arts, where coverage from either venue could be selected for broadcast.

The following are the published schedules from newspapers - timing of some events were rather different especially on the opening day. For most days no event was specified, possibly because it was a selection made on the day. Coverage of the closing day of the games was shared with the first day of the 5th Test Match (Eng v Aus) at the Oval. There was nothing scheduled for the gaps in daytime coverage but gaps in evening coverage were generally for other programmes, often Television Newsreel, which included film coverage of Olympic events not in Wembley.

BBC Commentators

Producers: Peter Dimmock, Ian Orr-Ewing

General Commentators: Richard Dimbleby, Michael Henderson, Harry Littlewood, Roy Moore

Athletics: Jack Crump

Boxing: Dudley Lister, Peter Wilson

Diving: John Webb

Football: Jimmy Jewell

Swimming: Freddie Milton

Equestrian: Bill Allenby

Only surviving recording is from the opening day, including the opening ceremony and is of a low standard. This is currently being processed to attempt to improve the quality with a view to showing it in full or part on the BBC prior to the 2012 Olympics.

BBC Broadcast Schedule

29 July 2:30-5:05 The King opens the Olympic Games, 8:00-8:30 Swimming and Water Polo

30 July 2:30-4, 5-6:35, 8-8:30; 8-45-9:15

31 July 2:15-4, 5-6, 8-8:45

2 Aug 11-12, 2:30-4:05, 4:45-5:30, 7:30-8:30, 9:20-10

3 Aug 3-4, 8-8:30

4 Aug 3:45-5, 8-8:30

5 Aug 2:15-5, 7:15-8:30

6 Aug 2:30-6, 7-8:30

7 Aug 2:30-5:45; 8-8:30

9 Aug 3-4, 6-7:15, 9:30-10

10 Aug 3-4, 6:25-8, 9:15-10

11 Aug 6:25-9:10, 9:40-10:15 Boxing

12 Aug 5:50-7:15 Hockey, 7:30-8, 9:30-10:15 Boxing

13 Aug 3-4, 7:15-8:45 Association Football / Boxing 9:15-10:30 Boxing

14 Aug 2:15-6:30 Olympics / 5th Test Match

A film was made by the BBC about the coverage. The closing section looks at television. The first part is mainly concerned with radio. This includes showing how radio broadcasts were time-delayed for the USA and elsewhere by disk recording.