Lake Placid 1980

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United States

ABC Broadcast Schedule

Schedule by Daypart
DATE Daytime Primetime Late Night
Tuesday, February 12th 9pm-11pm (Olympic Preview)
Wednesday, February 13th 2pm-4pm (Opening Ceremony) 9pm-11pm (Ceremony re-air)
Thursday, February 14th 8:30pm-11pm 11:30pm-11:45pm
Friday, February 15th 8:30pm-11pm 11:30pm-11:45pm
Saturday, February 16th 1pm-3:30pm 9pm-11pm 11:30pm-11:45pm
Sunday, February 17th 1pm-3:30pm 8pm-11pm 11:30pm-11:45pm
Monday, February 18th 9pm-11pm 11:30pm-11:45pm
Tuesday, February 19th 8pm-11pm 11:30pm-11:45pm
Wednesday, February 20th 9pm-11pm 11:30pm-11:45pm
Thursday, February 21st 8pm-11pm 11:30pm-11:45pm
Friday, February 22nd 8:30pm-11pm* 11:30pm-11:45pm
Saturday, February 23rd 12:30pm-3:30pm 8pm-11pm 11:30pm-11:45pm
Sunday, February 24th 11am-2pm**, 3pm-6pm 8pm-11pm (Closing Ceremony)

TOTAL - 51 hours of coverage (originally 50.5 scheduled)

* - Coverage on 2/22 was originally scheduled from 9pm-11pm, but started half an hour earlier to accommodate the US-Russia hockey game, which started at 5pm ET, but aired on tape delay

** - Coverage on 2/24 was originally slated to go from Noon to 6pm, but the organizing committee adjusted the times of the last 2 hockey with the US-Finland game starting at 11am ET

ABC Commentators

As originally written by ku528808

Figure Skating: Jim McKay, Dick Button

Speed Skating: Keith Jackson, Sheila Young Ochowitz

Hockey: Al Michaels, Ken Dryden

Skiing: Frank Gifford, Bob Beattie, Susie Patterson

Bobsled: Curt Gowdy, Paul Lamey, Jackie Stewart

Cross Country: Bill Flemming, Peter Graves

Ski Jumping: Chris Schenkel, Art Devlin

Luge: Jim Lampley, Bill Caterino

Features: Don Meredith