1963 PBA Season

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Originally written by JohnnyO

This is my first thread on this topic. I will be reviewing ESPN Classic and the PBA.com archives for information on these threads, and only including tournaments with telecasts. Unlike today, in year's past, some PBA tournaments did not have TV finals. The old ABC shows are very interesting, as there are also promos for other network programming on the same day.

1963 PBA Season

Saturday, January 12, 1963

PBA Denver Open; Celebrity Sports Center, Denver, CO

ABC; 3:30 PM ET; Chris Schenkel, Don Carter

Bowlers; Roy Lown, Andy Marzich ($5,050); JB Solomon. Jim St. John

Notes: Schenkel's Opening indicated that there would 17 telecasts in 1963. Also, Schenkel promoted ABC 4 hours of sports every Saturday; "Challenge Golf", starring Arnold Palmer & Gary Player; the PBA: and the WW of Sports (Future events mentioned; World 2 & 4 man bobsled championships from Innsbruck, Austria; national outdoor speed skating championships from St. Paul, MN; Scotsdale championship rodeo from Scotsdale, AZ; and the 'Daytona Continental Sports Car Race' from Daytona Beach.) He also commented that Make that Spare airs 'right after 'the fight', Saturday nights on ABC."

Saturday, January 19, 1963

PBA Atlanta Open; East Point Triangle Lanes, Atlanta, GA

ABC; 3:30 PM ET; Chris Schenkel; ?


Saturday, January 26, 1963

PBA Charlotte Open; , Charlotte, NC

ABC; 3:30 PM ET; Chris Schenkel; ?


Saturday, February 16, 1963

Coca-Cola Tournament Of Stars; Planet Bowl, Midwest City, OK

ABC; 3:30 PM ET; Chris Schenkel, Billy Welu

Bowlers; Glenn Allison ($10,000), Jim St. John, Bill Aziz, Billy Hardwick