1962 PBA Season

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Originally written by JohnnyO

There were 16 tournaments aired on ABC this season (and 16 other tournaments without TV finals)...A prefect game on TV would have been worth $10,000, paid by ABC...The telecasts this season were 3 matches each; two semi-finals, with the winners advancing to the final match...The 1962 TV Listings in the Milwaukee Journal strongly suggest that WITI-TV in Milwaukee aired these programs on a one week tape delay at 2 PM CT.

Saturday, March 24, 1962

Houston PBA Open; Belfort Lanes, Houston, TX

ABC; 4:30 PM ET; ; Chris Schenkel, Jack Buck

Bowlers (Winner in Bold); Don Carter ($5,000), Keith Little, Dick Hoover, Don Bickford

The championship "pair" was lanes 14 & 15, which was unusual; typically the lower numbered lane on the championship pair is an odd number (e.g., lanes 15 & 16).

Saturday, April 14, 1962

St. Louis Coca-Cola PBA Open; Northland Bowl, Jennings, MO

ABC; 4:30 PM ET; ; Chris Schenkel, Jack Buck

Bowlers (Winner in Bold); Joe Joseph ($5,000), Harry Smith, Jim Schroeder, Billy Welu

In the opening to this telecast, there were three presentations after the bowlers were introduced; (1) Harry Smith received a trophy for leading the qualifying portion of the tournament; (2) Gene Kessler was introduced as the TV alternate; and (3) Dick Weber was presented with his BWAA 1960-1961 Bowler of the Year Award